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Mummy... I want to be a baby again! (Vol 5)

ByBen PathenRosalie Bent

It is arguably the most common theme in ABDL fiction – becoming a baby again, perhaps forever and perhaps completely so. For many Adult Babies, the idea of being able to give into our wishes and desires completely and without restriction is a wonderful concept and one that grabs our attention. For the vast majority of adult babies, the expression of our inner infant is complicated by endless compromises and limits on what we can actually do. Our partners limit us. Our finances limit us. Social acceptance - and the lack thereof – limits us. Friends, employment, family and other issues limit us. But fiction can overcome all of these. In fiction, we can bend the rules of probability, break the bounds of social norms and erase the limits that otherwise keep us from expressing our inner infancy the way we wish. In these three books, you will read of adults that become complete babies once more. If they are not originally completely willing to become babies again, they quickly discover the joys, the peace and comfort of nappies, baby clothes, bottle feeds and baby toys. Infancy is entrancing to almost everyone, but for those special people – adult babies – infancy is only a nappy-change away and stories of grownups reverting to babyhood is less fiction than an innate desire that we express on the pages of a book. Enjoy your stay in the world of refreshing infancy. BOOKS: A Baby for Melissa and her mother The reluctant Baby The Psychiatrist and Her Patient


Publication Date
Jul 22, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Ben Pathen, Edited by: Rosalie Bent, Edited by: Michael Bent



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