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The Psychiatrist And Her Patient

ByBen PathenMichael Bent

Jacob Tarrant, 50-year-old single man had a problem. He was an adult baby and the drives and desires that consumed him had reached the stage that he now felt that he had to deal with them. And so he went to Dr Helena, a well-known clinical psychiatrist with the goal of being cured - whatever that meant. He no longer wanted to be an adult baby.  If he couldn't have what he wanted and to be a baby for a loving mummy, he wanted to be rid of it entirely. Dr Helena was a third-generation psychiatrist who had heard of adult babies but didn't really know much about them, like so many of her colleagues. Intrigued by the challenge, she attempted the well-tried technique beloved of parents of teenagers who had tried smoking. She decided to give him full-time babying for a week or two so that he would see that it wasn't really what he wanted after all. Then, she could treat the core problem once he realised that he didn't really want to be a baby at all. A nice idea. But it backfired. NOTE: this is the 'nappy version' of the diaper book 'Baby Jacob and His Psychiatrist'


Publication Date
Nov 24, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Ben Pathen, Edited by: Michael Bent, Edited by: Rosalie Bent



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