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The Reluctant Baby

ByBen PathenMichael Bent

For some adult babies, bedwetting was the ‘gateway drug’ that got them started on diapers and eventually baby things. The endless wet sheets almost demanded nappies. And for some parents or carers, the same thing happened. Wet beds demanded protection and the only real protection was nappies and some years ago, those nappies were cloth and covered in plastic pants. Baby pants. Baby diapers. Is it any wonder some grew to want to be a baby? But what if the parent or carer knew the effect it would have and did it anyway? What if they wanted their charge to become dependent on nappies and to being to crave infancy? What if they had a plan? Janet had such a plan – a fourteen step to revert Nathan back to infancy. Step one: Nappies and Plastic pants for bedtime. Step two: Nappies and Plastic pants 24/7. Step three: Baby clothing. Step four: Dummy and feeding from a bottle. Step five: A nursery and sleeping in a cot. Step six: Being fed in a highchair. Step seven: Calling her mummy. Step eight: More baby clothing. Step nine: Playing with baby toys. Step ten: Babysitter. Step eleven: Breast Feeding Step twelve: Baby Acceptance Step thirteen: Conclusion Step fourteen: Future He was… The Reluctant Baby


Publication Date
Sep 2, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Ben Pathen, Edited by: Michael Bent, Edited by: Rosalie Bent



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