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Lean Six Sigma in Education: A Quality Framework for School Leaders, 2nd Edition

Lean Six Sigma in Education: A Quality Framework for School Leaders, 2nd Edition

BySally PetrikBenjamin Jankens

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Within this updated text, the authors outline, in detail, the concepts and ideas of quality management and how to implement these principles in an educational setting. Although these concepts may seem complicated at first, once understood, they can be a powerful tool for school leaders to shape their culture and realize real and lasting improvement. The concepts of Lean and Six Sigma do not suggest a different approach to education or go about public schools differently. The fundamental aspect of a public education system, established in each state’s constitution, is sound: to support a state-sponsored funding mechanism that allows for a network of educational organizations to operate. However, what is being presented here is that each educational organization, whether it be at the state, regional, or local levels, can benefit from a more intentional approach to how it’s structured and works to fulfill its mission and vision. This book provides a platform to support school leaders, so the school doesn’t just respond to internal and external pressures and challenges, but meets the needs of all students, prepares them for successful futures, and are good stewards of tax dollars. School boards, school leaders, teachers, and the communities, will significantly benefit from the techniques within a quality management approach, but more importantly, their students will benefit.


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May 31, 2022
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By (author): Sally Petrik, By (author): Benjamin Jankens


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