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Best of energy care

ByBertrand CANAVY

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Einstein said, “Everything is energy, period. Match the frequency of the reality you desire and you can only get that reality. It can not be otherwise. It's not philosophy. It's physics. » Many of us have gone through these periods of doubts, of discomfort, these periods when we feel as if tossed about by life, almost in half-life, without any control over our destinies. This book is a compendium of many solutions available to you to create this reality that suits you and that will allow you to finally live this life that you too often allow yourself only to dream briefly. Because it is in you that we will find these answers, we will see over the chapters how to direct, shape and control your energy so that you create this reality to which you aspire. Throughout the pages, through stories and techniques, you will take full measure of your abilities and what you can achieve by channeling your light, your energy, your thoughts, your Qi or Chi; the goal is to offer the reader the technique that would best suit him to reveal and exploit his energy potential. The Universe is energy: it is present in plants, in all living beings, it is quantifiable and you will also discover that the strongest source of energy is within ourselves, in our heads; for thought is also energy. Scientists have proven it; because it is measurable: the thought is an energetic wave: by mastering these techniques of Energy Care, you will master the content, you will vibrate at a frequency which will model by projection the world and the beings which surround you. This Best of Energy Healing is the definitive solution to all problems and frustrations: these techniques will not solve them, they will simply not exist because you will have succeeded in creating this reality to which you aspire. Good reading, Dr. Bertrand CANAVY, DHRes


Publication Date
Jul 1, 2022
Health & Fitness
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By (author): Bertrand CANAVY


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