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Better Than Starbucks Premium February 2021

ByBetter Than Starbucks

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Better Than Starbucks February 2021 Premium The Interview — Jeffrey Alfier by Tobi Alfier and Five Poems by Jeffrey Alfier. Featured Poems: out to kill rabbits by Jack Henry, Bitter Honey by Steven Willett, Dig by Allison Thung, The lost garden by Susan Sklan, Archetypical Desiccation by R. Gerry Fabian, The Inhabitants of Paradise by Janet McCann, and An Abstraction on the Tangible, With Trees by Carol Casey. Sonnet Contest Top Ten: Barbara Loots, Armen Davoudian, Catherine Chandler, Kit Rohrbach, Enriqueta Carrington, Ciarán Parkes, Mark J. Mitchell, Richard Wakefield, Mercedes Webb-Pullman, and Max Gutmann. Free Verse: Glen Armstrong, John Dorsey, Howard Gershkowitz, Diane Webster, Larry Pike, Greg Huteson, Catfish McDaris, Sue Fagalde Lick, Sudhanshu Chopra, Alan Cohen, Michael Ceraolo, and Ash Slade. Haiku with Kevin McLaughlin: Douglas J. Lanzo, Jessica Wheeler, Mathew Wenham, Manoj Sharma, Armando Quiros, Stefanie Winton, Sarah Calvello, Kenneth Lynn Anderson, Dennis Maulsby, Carrie Ann Thunnell, Denise Shelton, Carlton Holte, R.K. Singh, Bill Dee Johnston, Sandy Brian Hager, Goran Gatalica, and Rachel Zempel. Formal Poetry with Vera Ignatowitsch: Richard Wakefield, Robert Donohue, Tad Tuleja, Max Gutmann, Marly Youmans, Neil Kennedy, Bruce McGuffin, Judy Koren, Kiersta Recktenwald, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Richard Lorr, Russell G. Winick, Drew Nathaniel Keane, and Mary Kipps. Poetry Translations with Susan McLean: Yun Wang translating Li Bai, Jerome Betts translating Anonymous, and A. R. Bekenstein translating Paul Éluard. Poetry for Children with Robert Schechter: Nina Parmenter, Diana Murray, M. Rory Daws, Kate Williams, and Lorna Davis. International Poetry: Kalyani Bindu, Ziaul Moid Khan, Shifali Gulati, Kushal Poddar, and Fizza Abbas. African Poetry: Soonest Nathaniel, Banqobile Virginia Dakamela, Nnadi Samuel, Ndaba Sibanda, and Lind Grant-Oyeye. Poetry Unplugged: Bruna Gushurst, Scott C. Kaestner, Gavin Bourke, Gale Acuff, and J. Tarwood. Experimental, Prose, & Form Poetry: Sydney Hazen, Paul Ilechko, Gene Twaronite, and Rich Ives. Fiction: Houses of Straw by Benjamin Davis Flash Fiction: Domestic Duplicity by Victoria Lynn Smith Creative Non-Fiction: The Desert Air by Pamela Cottam From The Mind: A Sort of Poetic Manifesto by Tom Merrill Cover: Page from a Priest’s Book by Betty White Photograph by Andre Beneteau


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Jan 2, 2021
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By (author): Better Than Starbucks


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
Crown Quarto (7.44 x 9.68 in / 189 x 246 mm)

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