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LIVING IN CHAOS     SURVIVAL:                    A Parenting Journey...

LIVING IN CHAOS SURVIVAL: A Parenting Journey...

ByBetty Jo Hilger

Life is not just sweetness, it is a journey. Mountains and valleys, laughter and tears, when the stresses faced by your child are more than a stage… This is the story of one mother’s struggle to adjust to and accept the reality of facing her adopted son’s life being challenged by BIPOLAR DISORDER, FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME, and REACTIVE ATTACHMENT DISORDER. Then finding that her birth-son’s life is being irrevocably changed by the devastation of SCHIZOPHRENIA… It is a story of spiritual struggle and tested faith, as forced to hospitalize her son, she faced the tragedy and torment, the heights of hope, and the depths of despair as she searches to find a meaning, a reason, a knowledge about these diagnoses' and treatments, and a positive end to this disease... Recorded introspection and inspiration in the form of poetry, short stories, and reminiscences… This is the story of: Questioning Life Questioning God Questioning Hope and Questioning the limits of Love…


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
Parenting & Families
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By (author): Betty Jo Hilger



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