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Science of time and the theory of everything revised edition

ByBhausaheb Bhosle

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It is a miracle. I have studied on my own. A good and informative book on Vedas. Astrology and astronomy genetic theory in detail start of the universe to the end of the universe and again the start of the universe and its end and again and again at the same place in space and time (yoga) (sum of numbers) at the same time at the same place- a moment of nanosecond per earthly second- per solar second- per galactic second- per 18712080864000000 years as 1/4th seen and 3/4th unseen collapsed mass, collapsed time oscillating second forward and backward in time that's gravity. Cyclic many world theory that explains the theory of everything. Yoga is not an acrobatics of the mind. It is accompanied by a mantra. A mantra is a burst of the mind. It is the field of the soul. The soul is inside the mind. There was nothing in the beginning. Other than Him nothing existed. He breathed calmly. A movement is natural from subatomic particles to solar time scale to galactic time scale. Yoga is a mantra that joins with a mind that is with a soul. Yoga is a natural event joining the soul with the mind. Frequency is the sum of numbers. Numbers speak with numbers. This is the secret of the mind. Yoga is all and everything. It is not acrobatics of the mind. This proves mind, matter (frequency) and time is non-dual holistically synchronized with the genetic drive retaining the same word and the same meaning.


Publication Date
May 30, 2022
Science & Medicine
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By (author): Bhausaheb Bhosle


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