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Panic and Poetic Justice: A Workbook and Poetry Collection for Panic Sufferers and for Those Who Care About Them

ByBill White, L.P.C.

Panic attacks ran roughshod over my life from childhood to well into adulthood. I'm fortunate, I recovered. Now I want to pass on the lessons I learned on the way to freedom. I'll give you buckets of education with regard to why you think, feel, and behave the way you do; along with proven strategies that will help you rise above your hell. Being a workbook, I've posed thought/feeling prompts you can ponder and respond to right in the book as you're reading it on your computer. I also share some of the poetry I wrote on my recovery journey. You name it - panic attacks, agoraphobia, derealization, social anxiety, avoidance, substance abuse, E.R.'s, benzos, depression - been there, done that. What better source of help and relief than someone who's been shelled in the trenches. The book's awesome and will help you turn your life around, now. Let it be there for you, okay? Thanks! Bill White, L.P.C.


Publication Date
Nov 25, 2008
Personal Growth
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Bill White, L.P.C.



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