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How it Feels in Houses on Hills

How it Feels in Houses on Hills

ByBishop Martin

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Anyway, banana chips. I'm eating em and I'm getting sad, I'm looking at the nutritional label on the container and realizing that the manufacturer of Sweetened Banana Chips doesn't give a fuck about me. As you get older you realize that brands don't care about you. You realize that most of the food in the average grocery store actually wants to kill you. Why even sweeten the banana chip in the first place, they're fine as is. Here I am thinking "oh, healthy choice," but then sugar content says otherwise. It says "Die, fucker." Granola bars. Cereal. Bread. Trail mix. Imagine them all as hydra on the scaled-thorax of Needlessly Sweetened Food Products, Coming At You With Intent to Kill." Still I'm eating these banana chips. They're so good. Had a different fruit problem the other week. I drink orange juice mostly every day. Pulp is better than no pulp, fight me. I consider myself an orange juice enthusiast. I would even go so far as to argue that Orange Juice Is So Important. But I don't eat oranges often. Cuties, sometimes.. but rarely do I eat a whole ass orange like I have that kind of dedication. Man, that shit didn't taste like orange juice. Like do I swallow the membrane after drinking the juice? The plant material? I don't know what to do. I asked my roommate "is that what oranges taste like? Doesnt taste like orange juice." He tried to argue that orange juice is the concentrate of tons of oranges, but the fruit of the orange wasn't very tart. I don't see how having a ton of not-very-tart juice from tons of not-very-tart fruits creates orange juice which is delicious and amazing. Still though, the brands that make my favorite orange juice want me to fucking die. The CEO of the company that makes my favorite energy bar would bang me over the head with a shovel if they had the chance.


Publication Date
Jul 22, 2020
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By (author): Bishop Martin


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