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Extreme Selling and Negotiating

ByBob Oros

"Let's go ahead with this!" No drug will give you a "high" like those words! - Are you a high-level sales professional who deals with extreme buyers? Does this describe you? On a typical sales call you are up against every trick in the book including tactics like price shock, volume discount requests, higher authority, split the difference, setting the stage, the list goes on and on! After every sales call you feel like you just stepped out of the boxing ring. When you signed on to represent your company you had no idea it would take the amount of internal fortitude to take business away from the competition. If you only had to worry about making a sales presentation, that would be easy. When you combine the fierce competition along with the ruthless buyers, it becomes a monumental task. You have to take the gloves off and really fight for every dollar on the table. Negotiating from the position of a salesperson is much different than from a buyer's position.If you don't meet their terms all they have to do is say" next" and in walks another competitor selling pretty much the same thing. If all this sounds too familiar there is a solution. You may already have an arsenal of techniques and strategies and only need a few more to knock the competitor out of the ring. Sometimes it only takes one small move on your part to have the buyer say, "Okay, let's go ahead with this." "Extreme Selling and Negotiating" was written specifically for you. There are 47 chapters that get right to the point, each with a technique you can implement right away. Out of the 47, if you can discover 10 to add to those techniques you already know, you will be amazed at the difference it will make. There is no drug on the market that will give anywhere near the high you get when the buyer says, "let's do this!" This high is what keeps you going when everything seems to be going against you. I have been in your situation many times and know what it takes. These 47 chapters will have a profound impact on not just your numbers, but your confidence and self-esteem will get a huge boost as well. The dread of calling on those tough buyers will turn into a sporting event that you will be excited to participate in.


Publication Date
Apr 29, 2018
Business & Economics
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Bob Oros



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