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Word Search for Kids Ages 8-10: Practice Spelling, Learn Vocabulary, and Improve Reading Skills With 51 Puzzles

ByBook DevPers

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Are you doing your best to raise a successful, confident child who can make a positive impact on the world? Then you surely know about the importance of language skills. Faster reading means faster learning, better grades, and more self-confidence. Excellent writing, with a rich vocabulary and effortlessly correct spelling, is one of the keys to professional success. However, learning these skills isn't easy, especially with typical school assignments that often seem boring and repetitive. But what if there was a way to practice spelling and reading in a way that's actually appealing to kids? About this book: -Beautiful Cover design -8.5x11" inch pages, easy-to-read format -Including all solutions -High-quality paper stock -Glossy Cover This activity book is designed for kids and toddlers but also suits any young preschool or kindergarten. A great gift to unlock a world of fun and learning.Christmas and all event perfect gift for!!! Well, there is. Children's brains learn by playing games and solving puzzles - unlike the typical spelling drills practiced at schools, this type of learning is natural, intuitive, and effective. By offering your child word puzzles such as these word search activities, you'll boost their language skills without boring them to death! Your child will get a chance to learn new words, recognize familiar ones, and remember their spelling with effortless ease - which results in better writing, faster reading, and higher grades in ALL subjects, not just English. Here's what makes this activity book so special: A whopping 51 word search puzzles and 13 page of solution- if your child does two puzzles per day, that's almost TWO MONTHS of fun! Topics that expand your child's knowledge of the world - you'll find everything from ZOO! A healthy mix of easy and tricky words in every puzzle - your child will NEVER complain that the puzzles are "too easy" or "too hard"! An answer key at the end of the book - in case both of you can't find a word, just FLIP to the end and discover the solution! FREE BONUS inside! This book is a perfect gift for boys and girls , but it can provide fun for the entire family if you choose to solve the puzzles together!


Publication Date
Jan 23, 2021
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By (author): Book DevPers


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Black & White
US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm)

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