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Atlas of the Covid-19 Pandemic

October-December 2020

ByBouke Buwalda

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The western world has enjoyed decades without major outbreaks of infectious diseases thanks to modern medicine. Over the same period of time, the world population has grown exponentially, and people have become wealthier, allowing more people to go on international holidays. Global trade and travel increased in proportion to the economic growth, with billions of people traveling across national borders in 2019. At the same time, humans have encroached on the natural habitats of wild animals. This has allowed for some infectious diseases to jump from wild animals to domestic animals, as well as humans, on several occasions. According to some scientific studies, it was just a matter of time before a deadly infectious disease would use these ideal conditions to spread across the world. The ominous year in which this became a reality proved to be 2019, although subsequent years bared the real toll of the pandemic, based on thousands of newspaper articles and scientific papers. This work chronicles the spread of the coronavirus from Wuhan to the world on a day-by-day basis. Relevant news from around the world and government action is accompanied by a world map showing the number of detected infections for each country. Scientific discoveries are also included, as more becomes known about the virus every day, thanks to the dedicated scientists who study the virus. Additionally, at the end of every month, several world maps are provided, showing the total number of infections, fatalities, the number of infections on a per capita basis, and whether the number of new infections is going up or down. Due to the size of the project, this work has been divided into volumes encompassing three months each. This is volume four.


Publication Date
Jan 30, 2021
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By (author): Bouke Buwalda


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