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The Best Juice Bars book 1992

Bybrandt kaemingk

The Best Juice Bars in Rio de Janeiro and What to Order A factor of both a healthy lifestyle and convenience, popping by a juice bar for a freshly squeezed fruit juice or a quick snack is an everyday norm in the Carioca (resident of Rio) culture. The snacks are usually ready to eat and satisfying, and with Brazil’s exotic selection of native fruits, the juices are superb. Next time you’re on your way to the beach, drop by any of these juice bars. With several chains dotted throughout the city, Bibi’s has developed a mass following of loyal, local fans and effortlessly draws in the foreign crowd too. Every day and night it’s a struggle to get a seat, and the feeling of arriving there to an immediately available table is one of pure satisfaction. It’s worth the wait though, with a complete, varied menu and plenty of juice options. What to order: Try the acai mixed with granola or the make-your-own salads. To drink, the avocado juice sounds unusual but is delicious. One of the most popular juice bars in Rio de Janeiro, Polis Sucos has stood the test of time by serving Cariocas for years. It’s a traditional type of juice bar where guests stay stood up and gather around the counter to eat and drink. It’s the ideal place to make a pitstop to fill up on well prepared food and some of the best juices in town. What to order: The filet mignon (beef steak) with cheese is one of the most-ordered sandwiches on the menu. For juices, try the apple with strawberries, or a regional juice made with jack fruit. The mango juice comes thick, sweet and almost needs a spoon to consume it.


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Feb 20, 2022
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