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DC Prop Builder's Handbook Volume 2

ByBrent Ross

From the award winning creators of the DC Cemetery comes the second edition of the DC Prop Builders Handbook series. The DC Prop Builders Handbook Volume 2 features 150 pages of extremely descriptive instructions to create another 10 of our unique designs. These designs include the following: Heavy Duty Lifter, Pneumatic Extender (scissor lift/extender), Drop Panels, Un-Dead Coffin (and erector mechanism), Thrashing Corpse, Thrashing Doors, The Mourner, Lightning Window, Air Cannons, & Pneumatic Web Shooter. The second edition was in the makings for nearly two years, so no expense was spared in detailing every step. We’ve added more pictures, a multitude of diagrams, and step by step instructions to walk you through every questionable construction step. In addition we added an in depth introduction to computer control and pneumatics, so not only will you have the instructions to build the prop, but the knowledge of its internal workings and means of control.


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
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By (author): Brent Ross



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