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YUCK! ...That Guy Didn't Wash His Hands: The Complete Guide to the American Man's Bathroom Experience, including The Original American Bathroom Thesaurus

ByBrian Baker

Using the restroom is an experience that is comparable among all Americans, and one that is measured by countless unspoken etiquettes and rituals. How is it that we all seem to have an innate knowledge of these procedures, and why are they all so funny to us? After years of white-collar employment, I have become utterly disgusted with how dirty my fellow men are in the bathroom. Even worse, the vast majority of their coworkers and partners don’t even realize the full extent of their lavatory atrocities. Did the man next to you wash his hands after using the toilet? One can only hope! Educate yourself and acquire a finer knowledge of our modern bathroom. Follow the complex thought processes needed to do what appears to be a simple task for any man. And laugh, whether at the absurdity of men’s techniques for alleviating themselves or from this subject’s body of slang & humor. Remember, you’re only as clean as the last thing you touched, or that last guy’s hand you shook...


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Brian Baker



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