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The Color of Seasons: Nature and Abstraction in the Paintings of Carolyn Newberger and Philip Gerstein

ByPhilip GersteinCarolyn Newberger

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This unusual and experimental 2-person gallery exhibition was scheduled for April 2020, but never took place, snuffed out as it was by Boston’s total pandemic shutdown. The Catalog before you will give it a remarkable new lease on life. *** This beautifully designed 50-page CATALOG features 32 reproductions in full color, in the square 8.5" x 8.5" format. *** Following the show’s intentional and harmonic design, it arranges artwork in matched pairs -- by the flow of seasons and the correspondences and contrasts of Newberger’s realistic watercolors with Gerstein’s larger textural abstract paintings. /*/ The catalog is greatly enriched by an exceptional ESSAY from a published writer/poet/artist BRIAN GEORGE, "Parallel Paths That Intersect", in which he explores both artists' work, and then delves much deeper, in search of the half-hidden intertwining roots of both Art and Nature. Among our readers’ impressions that this substantial Essay has already occasioned, is this one: "This Essay turns the catalog from a silent movie into a spoken one!" //*// From the Artists’ show statement: “As painters, we approach nature from seemingly opposite directions, across the line that is supposed to divide abstraction from realism. CAROLYN enters the forest with paints and watercolor notebook in her fanny pack and a folding stool on her back. She records in images and words the hidden treasures that she finds. In a studio, PHILIP finds form, rich texture, and emotive color as he creates vibrant abstract canvasses. // Though the seasons of nature inspire both of us, CAROLYN finds her inspiration within the living forest. Through distillation and interpretation she moves in her paintings from realism toward abstraction. For PHILIP, as form and color emerge, he finds nature revealed within, drawing inspiration from ancient Chinese landscape painting and the rich achievements of 20th century abstract painters.“ //// CONTENTS: -- Exhibition statement (5) -- "Summer eyes and winter eyes" by C. Newberger (7) -- "Find your passion (Form follows color)" by P. Gerstein (9) -- "Parallel paths that intersect" by B. George (37) -- Acknowledgements (49)


Publication Date
Mar 11, 2020
Art & Photography
Creative Commons NonCommercial (CC BY-NC)
By (author): Philip Gerstein, By (author): Carolyn Newberger, By (author): Brian George


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Square (8.5 x 8.5 in / 216 x 216 mm)

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