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The Ultimate Interview Journal

ByBrian Newkirk

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The Ultimate Interview Journal is key to progressively building upon your interview skills. Interviewing is like a muscle. Repetition improves the skill. So does learning from each and every interview. Preparation and practice will improve your interviewing chops. Part of that preparation includes telling relevant succinct answers that demonstrate your ability to relate, build relationship and proficiency for whatever the job may be. One exercise I advise clients do is methodically track their interviews. We learn from both our successes and misses. What behavioral questions did they ask? What parts of your resume and cover letter require a stronger story? What questions did you answer well? Which questions should you be more prepared for? How can you address potential concerns in the next round of interviews? I created this journal to help you do just that. This interview journal enables you to: Track Interview & HR Rep Contact Information Add notes that you can take into the next round of interviews Interview debriefing writing prompts to evaluate each interview A section for next steps - what are you going to do in preparation for the next interview or leave a lasting impression. This same practice can be used in your informational interviews, networking conversations, internship interviews, and fine tuning your elevator pitch. There is no such thing as a one & done interview. In a highly competitive talent pool of job candidates, you have to stand out. Begin the practice of journaling your interviews in order to significantly improve your prospects and see the difference.


Publication Date
Oct 25, 2021
Personal Growth
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By (author): Brian Newkirk


Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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