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Age of the Fifth Sun

The Occultism of the Inca Empire and its Sites and Rites in Chile

ByBrian O'Sullivan

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The astrotheology, sidereal mythology, and occult history of the Incas through the lens of mundane astrology planetary cycles and their esoteric practices and beliefs. The first part of this book treats of the astrotheology, mythology, and magical beliefs behind the Inca Empire and its expansion, including: - the great astrological cycles of Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions that marked the legendary "world ages" of the Andes - the esoteric beliefs and practices behind the ritual child sacrifice known as Qhapaq Hucha, or the "royal transgression" - the rituals and practices of Inca fertility and mummy-venerating death cults, and - why a young Inca prince named Titu Kusi Manqo suddenly assumed the title of Pachakuteq Inka, meaning "the noble who overturns the world age" and went on to conquer the Andes through military and magical means. The second part of this book is effectively a case study of how these belief systems were put into practice at various ritual sites and cemeteries in Chile, the most far-flung corner of its southernmost province, detailing: - a little-known ritual space near Santiago, the sexual symbolism of its construction, and the ritual tools and materia magica used both there and in the empire as a whole. - what could be pieced together about the mummified victims of ritual sacrifice in Chile, including their selection and the use and role of coca, chicha and poppets in the associated rituals. - the local lore of a one-time Inca grotto consecrated to the Andean god of the winds for the purposes of ritual sacrifice.


Publication Date
Jul 20, 2023
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Brian O'Sullivan


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