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Ushumenti: The Way of the Noble Serpent, As Revealed By Mahra Nadishu

ByBrian Sanchez

The official book of Ushumenti, the Way of the Noble Serpent, as revealed by Mahra Nadishu in his journeys in Southeast Asia in 2013-2014, and compiled and illustrated by Brian Carlos Sanchez. Ushumenti is a holistic martial science and disciplinary system of revelation and self-mastery that integrates various Eastern and Western martial arts systems, weapons techniques, oral traditions, and codes of chivalry. Based on the archaic symbols and mysteries of the Antient Arcane Antediluvian Rite, it teaches its principles through mythological studies, the meditation of symbols and weapons, the study of weapons systems and history, and weapons exercises and training. Unlike most initiatic mystery schools, the benefit of Ushumenti is that the totality of Self becomes fully engaged in the teachings of its principles. In other words, true self-mastery requires the synergy of body, mind, and spirit that comes with physical, mental, and emotional effort.


Publication Date
Jul 12, 2014
Personal Growth
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By (author): Brian Sanchez



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