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Lustful Intentions A Collection of Gay Erotic Poetry

Lustful Intentions A Collection of Gay Erotic Poetry

ByBrian Warriner

Explicit Content
In his first collection of Gay Erotica Poetry, Brian writes about many situations and gives you an experience of indulging in your deep sexual exploration. With this collection, Brian explores how erotica isn't about sexual acts; it's truly about the experience of sexual exploration. With his poetry, it goes to many fantasies between people. So many things may be taboo, but they all deserve to be discussed and explored. He gives each experience a unique perspective. With his words, he brings to life the fantasy we had about a particular teacher we had, a friend’s sibling, or a parent. Or having that friend we want to see naked and picture them stripping in front of you. Brian goes there and puts words to those erotic thoughts we had when we touched ourselves. Or the first time we have a threesome and how hot it can be. His words are a real turn-on.


Publication Date
May 31, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Brian Warriner



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