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Transcendent Economy: Exploring other modes of existence for the human condition

ByBruce Peters

A book that explores the possibility of another mode of economic existence other than capitalism, where private property exists in general proportion to the amount of human population. Can humans exist peacefully in a world where money has been replaced with something more measurable? Do we really need speculation, usury, and wall st. to have free enterprise? Are the problems with modern man in his nature or does the system he creates for himself condition him to be this way? Are the economic laws and principles taught at our highest institutions really as sound in the real world as they are in theory? Can we change ourselves this time around without plunging the world into chaos? The hope of this book is to create a 21st Century debate platform on which all of these questions are reexamined.


Publication Date
Nov 1, 2011
Business & Economics
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By (author): Bruce Peters



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