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Puppets of Faith: theory of communal strife

ByBS Murthy

Bernard Shaw had stated that Islam is the best religion with the worst followers, didn’t he? But, if only, he could have read this book, he would have bemoaned how the Musalmans tend to be the victims of the Islamic psyche, shaped by the proclivities of their prophet, vicissitudes of his life, attitudes of his detractors and the credulity of his followers, which the mechanism of their umma perpetuates. Besides, this novel thought-provoking non-fiction depicts the ironies of the faiths that affected the fate of the peoples, eclipsed the cultures of communes, altered the course of history and afflict the politics of the day. It also examines how the sanaatana dharma came to survive in India, in spite of the combined onslaught of the Christianity and Islam on Hinduism for over a millennium. In essence, this book is for those who wish to be aware of the follies of their faith and the foibles of others to lighten the burden of dogma and reduce the baggage of prejudice.


Publication Date
Oct 15, 2006
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): BS Murthy



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