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Sweet Sluggers

ByByrons Gorgeous Boxing Girls

It's always good to see Ruby back in action! She's a strong woman, and a good fighter. And... she has an enemy. Jessie - a pretty girl, eh? Well Jessie is a little wicked. Not in the "world domination" kind of way, but in the way that all women can be. She liked Ruby's boyfriend. A lot. And Ruby's boyfriend? He liked Jessie. Can you figure out the rest? So Ruby instructs Byron to construct his amazing cartoon avatar of her enemy, as practice for her soon-to-happen fight with the flesh-and-blood Jessie. And she was amazed at how accurate Byron's version was. So much that she was a little nervous in her corner, waiting for Byron to ring the virtual bell. So let's see just how well Ruby does against her virtual opponent. One thing for sure - someone's going to be OUT ON THEIR BACK when this fight is through! 30 images tell the tale... and YOU got a RINGSIDE SEAT! Delivered as screen resolution PDF file. Contains NO nudity!


Publication Date
Sep 7, 2012
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Byrons Gorgeous Boxing Girls



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