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The Natural Man Directed to Jesus Christ

The Natural Man Directed to Jesus Christ

ByFrancis RobertsC. Matthew McMahon

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In the present day, many professing Evangelicals believe that "salvation" stems from a superficial display of moral behavior, believe in Jesus and nothing more is required in the life of a Christian. Roberts viewed this approach as the efforts of a natural man attempting to accumulate merit before God to secure eternal life – a deceptive scheme crafted by the devil for the unsuspecting soul. His book aims to guide sinners away from these innate inclinations and towards Jesus Christ. It's more than a mere invitation to Christ; it's a robust tool designed to jolt the sinner’s understanding into grasping the fundamental aspects of the Gospel of Jesus Christ concerning sin and salvation. This book serves as a heartfelt guide, mapping the path for the natural man towards the redeeming grace of King Jesus. Some have remarked that this particular book stands as an unparalleled exhortation in the lineage of Christian literature. It explores deeply the covenant of God, detailing the ways and means through which a sinner, guided and changed by God, can achieve salvation. It elucidates the path to saving grace and to the sole Redeemer of God’s chosen, with what many believe to be some of the most compelling and poignant directives and descriptions in the Gospel. Its impact has been compared to, and some say even exceeds, the urgency found in Alleine’s “Alarm to Unconverted Sinners.” Roberts' primary aim with this work was to not only spark interest in Christ among sinners but also to guide them towards the sole means of salvation. This was achieved through targeted, potent, straightforward, and factual sermonizing and writing. It’s likely that you have never encountered such preaching or writing before. As the Scriptures are thoroughly explored, they reveal the essence of Gospel beauty, glorifying Christ in their accuracy, fervor, and theological depth. Christians and non-Christians will find themselves transformed by this work if they take it to heart sincerely. After reading his twenty-four specific directions for discovering the true, biblical Christ, readers will inevitably find themselves either closer to heaven or closer to hell.


Publication Date
Jun 1, 2015
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Francis Roberts, By (author): C. Matthew McMahon, Edited by: Therese B. McMahon


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