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Christ Commanding His Coronavirus to Covenant Breakers

ByC. Matthew McMahonTherese B. McMahon

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This work expounds on Scripture, and outlines, from a biblical point of view, why Christ has sent his coronavirus to covenant breakers in his church. Yes, the premise is that the virus (and other calamities which are building and exploding in our day) are here primarily for Christ’s church; his disobedient, covenant breaking church. This is a difficult and saddening time for many people. At the time this work was written, almost 689,000 people have died worldwide from the coronavirus, (158,000 in the US) and the Lord is adding more and more calamity to our country on top of the horrors of prolonged and disease-ridden death. All of it is calamity upon calamity. It’s actually “calamity” that God promises his covenant breaking church if they do not repent. What will the church do in a time like this? Since the calamity is growing and not subsiding, it doesn’t seem like the church is doing much of anything collectively to stop the plague by way of reform, much less those things that have not layered on top of that. The church needs to repent of its idolatry, its lack of scriptural precision, its confessional dismissiveness, its abominable worldliness in the sanctuary of God, and the dishonor they are continually bringing King Jesus, the one they "profess" to serve. God deals very harshly yet tenderly with his people when they break covenant with him. Taken from Leviticus 26, this work expounds and describes the following: that pestilence is a sign From Christ to his church, Christ’s remedies against the plague, Christian humility needed during times of occasional repentance (and what occasional repentance is), humility in prayer and fasting with godly zeal, the nature of Christ’s afflicting providences, and a number of other subjects related to the plague, especially if the church does not repent, that they are daring Christ to do his worst against them in their spiritual indifference. There is a sound, biblical reason that Christ is doing this. May God help all his covenanted people to consider the reasons why Christ commands his coronavirus to covenant breakers today, that they would repent and turn back to the Lord.


Publication Date
Jul 21, 2020
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): C. Matthew McMahon, Edited by: Therese B. McMahon


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