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Christ the Apple Tree and the Joy of True Religion

ByC. Matthew McMahonTherese B. McMahon

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God delights in the infinite purity of his holiness. Consequently, he desires his people to delight in those things which he delights in. A holy disposition relishes and delights in holiness. God, being infinite in his delight, has an infinite desire and will to experience infinite happiness and joy and he does so by delighting in his own holiness. His people, in this, are to love what he loves. God supplies his people with word-pictures that are often used in similitude or type. Jesus Christ is typified by things like the ark, the temple, the mercy seat, etc. One of the most disregarded types found in Scripture is set in the greatest song of all time, inspired by the Spirit, which speaks directly to the sweetness, delight and sustenance of that which Christ ministers in his covenant to the believing soul – the picture of an Apple Tree among the trees of the forest (Song 2:3). God desires them to find special delight and singular pleasure in this tree of trees; to have a love and liking to it in such a way that it is not only pleasant to their sight, but pleasing to their taste. In this tree they are to find comfort, sustenance and refreshment. Song 2:3 supplies God’s people with a grand picture of Jesus Christ to be seen as an Apple Tree among the trees of the woods. What? Is this word-picture not so grand in your eyes? Have you not thought about the nature of the Apple Tree for your comfort, sustenance and refreshment in furthering your walk in holiness? Have you not considered him as an Apple Tree, sweet to the taste, comforting from the scorching sun of wickedness, an ever present help to the starving soul for that which is pleasant? Well, then, this study is for you.


Publication Date
Dec 13, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): C. Matthew McMahon, Edited by: Therese B. McMahon


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