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Save Me, A Study of Psalm 119:89-96

ByC. Matthew McMahonTherese B. McMahon

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If you have ever doubted your salvation as a Christian, this psalm is for you. Collectively, the psalms are like a little bible in and of themselves. Independently, Psalm 119 is like a little bible in and of itself. It contains in it a thesis that God’s word is to be preeminent in the believer’s life, and it houses in it everything that a growing Christian would need to draw closer to Jesus Christ if they would but take time to consider it, to meditate on it, even in the midst of the worst afflictions. I have chosen the section of verses 89-96 because they house the verse, “I am thine, save me; for I have sought thy precepts.” (Psa. 119:94). This little phrase, “save me,” was the springboard in which this study began; to understand how being saved occurs, and what the psalmist meant by it. This psalm was pivotal in the great reformer’s life, Martin Luther, where he relied heavily on this little phrase “save me” during his initial ministry. As with Luther, so with us, my hope is that you will be encouraged to pray along the same lines as the psalmist did, in desiring God to save you. You may think, “I’m already saved. I’m a blood bought believer in Jesus Christ!” That’s excellent! But know, Scripture provides saved and transformed believers with the biblical truth that 1) they were saved, that 2) they are being saved, and that 3) one day they will be saved. “Savedness” has a past connotation, a present reality, and a future hope, which all work together for the good of the believer; and all this on account of the work and merit of Jesus Christ. In this, there is great comfort to be mined out of these verses for the believer to understand how God accomplishes this “saving” through Jesus Christ, and in light of this section and teaching of Psalm 119. It houses in it comfort, hope, help, and importantly, the need to have a true assurance in one’s eternal position before God.


Publication Date
May 25, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): C. Matthew McMahon, Editor-in-chief: Therese B. McMahon


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