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Stories of Life

ByCaelyn Mukorombindo

The first story is Forbidden love which talks about the struggles of a couple trying to love but being held back by their conflicts. This is a fiction story written by my imagination. This story is a romance novel with a plot twist. These two forbidden lovers embark on a journey as they figure out their fate. I think this story is one of my favorites because The second story is To Be Invisible and this is about a character who feels as if they were invisible. This is also a fiction story but also a freewrite story. This story explains to pros and cons of being invisible versus being seen. I think this fiction story is fantastic because it challenges your brain. The third story is Field Day and this story is about my first-day class. This is not fiction but a nonfiction story. For this story, I was challenged to write about a certain place that has a long-term memory in my head so I wrote about my former teacher's class. This story is full of extra details about the story because it enhances the readers' attention. The Forth story is The Graduation and this is about nonfiction story about a graduation party that I had to help plan and execute for my cousin. This story is a rollercoaster story with a twisted ending so stay tuned. The Fifth story is Dear High School it is a raw nonfiction blog. It is just my thought on the high school quota that is put on high school students. I feel as if this blog is more of an open-ended story than a regular story. In this story, I figure out my high school ¨status¨ and dissect my social life. The Sixth story Jamie´s adventure is purely fiction with an adventure. This story is full of magical things. This one was my favorite piece to write because the Main character ¨Jamie has no limit at all in what she does and she is a risk-taker. Jamie goes into the forest and faces a lot of challenges with his pet. The Seventh story is The Future is a story freewrite nonfiction story about the fears of the future and what the future means. This story is a mind twister because it talks about something we don´t know which is the future. I talk about the fears of the future and what everyone is thinking but doesn't say about the future. The Last Story is a freewrite that is a deep story about a child who never had parents and was raised by her abusive grandparents. She embarks on her story of possibly finding love and starting a new life.


Publication Date
May 23, 2022
Young Adult
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Caelyn Mukorombindo



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