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The person behind the Writing

ByCaitlyn Whiteley

The person behind the Writing is compiled of three different excerpts I’ve written over the past few months. The three works include two stories from my childhood and a short author study on my personal favorite author. The book starts off with a simple poem titled The little Park. In this poem, I tried to capture the memories and fun I had at this park that wasn't too far from my grandparent's house in a little Idaho town. I spent much time at this park during our visits, and there are many fun and dramatic memories with my cousins here. After the poem, a different story from my childhood is expressed. This memoir is written from my cousin's perspective of the day. We were two toddlers, and I had discovered scissors for the first time. After much convincing and a lack of parental supervision my cousin and I had makeovers in no time. The story is comical, fun to read, and definitely entertaining. This memoir is titled The Haircut. Lastly, I branch away from my childhood to share some of the tips I have learned about my favorite author, Veronica Roth. Using interviews and quotes I pieced together an author study that is both intriguing and educating for all readers, especially ones who want to be writers themselves. All of the information and tips make up the third study titled The One Behind Divergent. In all, these works will share stories, make you laugh, and even teach you something. All at the same time.


Publication Date
May 17, 2022
Young Adult
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Caitlyn Whiteley




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