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The Temporal Mission of the Holy Ghost

Reason and Revelation

ByCardinal Henry Edward Manning

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When I began to consider the nature and relations of Reason and Revelation, I found myself compelled to consider the Author and Giver of both, and the relations in which He stands to them, and they to Him. This threw the whole subject into another form, and disposed the parts of it in another order. I found myself writing on the relations of the Divine Intelligence to the human; but as these intelligent and vital powers are personal, I was led into that which seems to me, in the last analysis, to comprehend the whole question of Divine Faith, the temporal mission of the Holy Ghost, and the relations of the Spirit of Truth to the Church, to the human reason, to the Scriptures, and to the dogma of Faith. In ascending this stream of light, I found myself in the presence of its Fountain, and I have been unable, whether it be a fault or not, to contemplate the subject in any other way. It seems to me as impossible to conceive of the relations of Reason and Revelation without including the Person and action of the Spirit of Truth, as to conceive a circle without a centre from which its rays diverge. I donot deny that by intellectual abstraction we may do so, but it would be to mutilate the diagram and the truth together. Now my object, in the following pages, is to show that the reason of man has no choice but to be either the disciple or the critic of the revelation of God. The normal state of the reason is that of a disciple illuminated, elevated, guided, and unfolded to strength and perfection by the action of a Divine Teacher. The abnormal is that of a critic testing measuring, limiting the matter of Divine revelation by his supposed discernment or intuition. The former is the true and Divine Rationalism; the latter, the false and human Rationalism.


Publication Date
May 17, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Cardinal Henry Edward Manning


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