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Trailer Parkitecture: Looking beyond the Stigmas of Manufactured Housing

ByCari Paulus

This book is a beautiful graphic representation of the common manufactured home viewed in a very different way. The photographic research of Cari Paulus, during her honors thesis spawned a fascination, not with manufactured homes themselves, but with the layers of personality the homeowners introduced to them. Preconceived notions and prejudice had before hidden the potential for what I now see as unique beauty in the residual effects of human inhabitation. Now the stigmas have dissolved revealing architecture of often vibrant color and texture, resulting from the simple act of dwelling. The additions to the manufactured home (the layers of color and texture that make no two homes the same) are where the real architectural interest lies. This book takes glimpses from the whole picture concentrating on relationships in color, texture, and composition. By focusing just on these elements, it is possible to see beauty that exists all around us.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
Art & Photography
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By (author): Cari Paulus



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