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The Inseparable Love of God Will See You Through: "I Fought a Good Fight; I Finished My Race"

ByKay G. MeltonLaKeisha D. Melton

Kay G. Melton was a true survivor. Despite her many trials, tribulations, obstacles, and health issues, she always pressed on, placed her trust in God, and believed in her purpose in life. In her posthumous memoir, Kay—with help from her daughter and other family members—shares her personal story of how she overcame life’s greatest battles with the hope of inspiring others to do the same. While offering a glimpse into her unique journey and experiences as a teacher, artist, wife, and mother of two, Kay and her family members help illustrate her steadfast faith in God as she became a spiritual role model for others and relied on prayer and her church family to guide her through difficult times. Through all her challenges, Kay never wavered from her faith and her determination to let God determine her destiny. In this inspirational memoir, a godly woman and her family share her personal, faith-filled journey as she overcame adversity through determination and grace and ultimately left a wonderful legacy.


Publication Date
May 15, 2017
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Kay G. Melton, By (author): LaKeisha D. Melton, By (author): Carl Melton Sr., By (author): Dr. Leon Etter, By (author): Carl Melton II



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