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FOOTBALL Different coach, different destiny


One of the things I love to hear fellow youth Football coaches share is the way they first got into coaching. After all, every coach is different and has their own story to tell - from wanting to look after their own child (instead of leaving it in the hands of potentially incompetent coaches) to being asked to assist the head coach at Football practice. Different coach, different destiny! I'd like to share with you a couple stories of how coaches got started: "I got started when my first child wanted to play Primary school Football. I never played past secondary partially because of the truly awful and abusive coaches I had as a kid. In order to be sure my own children had a better experience than I did, I volunteered to coach." Then, there's the coach who started as a teen, who fell so deeply in love with coaching he's still at it decades later: "I started coaching as a 15 year old when my coach at the time asked for help with a new youth programme. I lived in a VERY small town that a few years earlier had had no Football at all. We had restarted the programme two years earlier and it was clear that the players needed some sort of foundation since their first Football experience, with the exception of 2 or 3 transfers like myself, was the youth program. He gave me a group of 7-10 year old and the rest is history. I love playing and do so to this day at every opportunity. But I am coaching still, 19 years later. I love it. Hoping for another 19, or 25, or 50." Last but not least... "My older son, at age 6 came home with a sign up form and asked if he could play Football. We duplicated the form and signed up both sons, on for U8, one for U6. I was "dumb" and checked the box at the bottom of the form "would you like to help" Poof, I was a U6 coach."


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Oct 25, 2022
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