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Top Ten Health Tips from Ancient Chinese Wisdom Every Woman Should Know

ByCatherine Lee Yin Shang

Essential health tips based on ancient Chinese Wisdom. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has had a long and famous history. It is well known throughout the world, and has been trusted, tested and used by people from all walks of life, including medical practitioners, celebrities and politicians. It is well known for its unique methods of diagnosis and prevention of ailments. Topics covered include “How to prevent or reduce Menstrual Cramps”, “How to reduce or prevent Migraines”, “How to reduce or prevent Acne that is caused by Heatiness”, "How To Achieve Smooth Clear And Bright Skin" and these tackle common problems and issues that most women face. The book also talks about arthritic pain, and how to improve skin texture and eye health. There is also a bonus additional chapter that gives a handy list of food types and how their effects on health. Discover more about Chinese secrets to longevity & health!!


Publication Date
Sep 18, 2011
Health & Fitness
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By (author): Catherine Lee Yin Shang



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