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A No Holds Barred Memoir With A Shot of Fiction

ByCecil Hicks

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Hello my name is Cecil Hicks, I am just a Black sixty-four-year-old man who’s not afraid to share my most private thoughts, risky predicaments and scandalous sexual experiences. All with Caucasian married couples behind closed doors. If you are easily offended by my opinions, then I am going to highly suggest buying this book, and yes I meant buy. I wanted to make sure this memoir was genuinely from the heart. Authenticity is missing these days, and I am bringing it back the only way I know how straight with no chaser. Being involved in the swinging community made me who I am today. I have taken part in massive swinging house parties in the Tampa Bay Florida area. By the way, here are some of my reviews from Barnes and Noble. Being molested by my cousin as a minor made me into this sex craved misunderstood and confused teenager. I was pimping at 19 years old, while keeping a full-time job with a major company. As I child I grew up around negativity, so writing this memoir was a major accomplishment for me. I hope there are parts of my memoir to which you can’t relate. Because that only means you are as confused as I was and still is.


Publication Date
Dec 9, 2022
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): Cecil Hicks


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