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JOHN 1:1 The 'Word' Was God.

A Four-Letter Word

ByCK Stanford

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JOHN 1:1 The 'Word' Was GOD- A Four Letter Word "JOHN 1:1 The 'Word' Was GOD- A Four Letter Word explores the profound significance of 'the Word' as mentioned in the opening line of John 1:1, a verse found in various Bible translations. This verse echoes the commencement of the biblical narrative, paralleling Genesis 1:1, and denotes the Word's coexistence, communion, and divinity with God. Specifically, it illustrates Jesus' integral role in creation as the divine spoken expression. In the modern King James Version, John 1:1 is rendered, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God,” emphasizing the identity of the Word as God Himself. The book delves into the essence of "The Word" as an embodiment of divine wisdom, intention, authority, and self-manifestation. It highlights the significance of the term 'WORD'—a four-letter word that appears 697 times throughout the King James Bible—demonstrating its central place within the scriptural text. This collectible book assembles a vibrant montage of artwork and verses from Scripture, weaving a tapestry that vividly portrays the potency and influence of 'the Word' in the biblical context. This activity book is a treasure trove of empowerment, featuring journal prompts, thought-provoking book-study questions, vivid images, random facts from various fields of study, and engaging wordplay games. Most importantly, it includes all 697 verses from the KJV Bible containing the four-letter word, WORD. Here's why owning this book is invaluable: Great Gift Idea: Share the gift of emotional empowerment with your loved ones. Ideal for Bible Study Groups: Deepen your understanding of scripture and its impact on emotional wellness. Timesaving: Focus on verses that contain the word "WORD," bringing you closer to its profound wisdom.


Publication Date
Apr 5, 2024
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): CK Stanford


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