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Origins in Orion

The Story of How Constellationism got Started

ByChadolf Sigmaler

“Origins in Orion,” takes us back, before Chadolf’s time, and shows how the constellationism movement, got started. The story begins with a young man, Guide List, living in the freshly united constellation of Taurus. Guide goes on many different adventures, while questioning the universe. After studying space and different aliens, he realizes a trend, with a certain group of aliens, known as reptilians. He spends many years of research, he comes up with a prediction, that ultimately becomes true; in which the Reptilians try to takes over Universe. Before this happens, he tries to get the word out to save Orion and the surrounding constellations. What starts off as just an independent magazine publisher turns his dream of getting the word out, into a literacy movement. These literacy movements, eventually acquires a target on their back, from the reptilians. As the story progresses, and all of these are infiltrated taken over. However, one art student does the only thing he can do to same all this group has worked for, as he takes the information they collected, and start a new underground cell in another star systems, known as Aldebaran.


Publication Date
Sep 8, 2022
No Known Copyright (Public Domain)
By (author): Chadolf Sigmaler



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