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My Life's Tour

ByCharles Caldwell

“My Life’s Tour, takes you on a special journey through the life of Charles “Cojak” Caldwell. It is a true story about a man who was so shy as a young boy, his mother had to hold his hand while he was getting his first photo taken. Though he had to participate in school activities while growing up and as an adult served as Master of Ceremonies before crowds of more than 10,000; this was never one of his favorite things. Even as an adult he still hates appearing in front of large crowds. It’s called “stage fright.”  This book shows how a person can overcome obstacles and challenges to pursue dreams and goals if he or she has a passion for it.  It also shows how our humanly attributes can cause failure and mistakes, but we can also use them to overcome and properly deal with those shortcomings.  “Cojak” recognized at a very young age that he had a special love for music and that it had positive influences.  As a result, he was attracted to radio where he could share this love with thousands of people. Though well-known as a radio personality he made his living as an educator on the secondary and college levels. However, it took him a long time to adjust to his celebrity status because he was a very private person otherwise. Because of his fascination with the mechanics of an airplane, he created the concept of “Flight 927 Flying Around the World Without Leaving The Room” for his present blues program on WKRA Radio 92.7 FM, Holly Springs, MS. His wife, Verna Louise is the “make believe” flight attendant. Cojak says “The things mentioned in this book are all descriptions of who he is and his love of music.”


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Apr 20, 2022
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By (author): Charles Caldwell



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