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French Exceptionalism, An Enquiry into Recent French History

ByAnika NeumannTimm Lubben

Globalization and Europeanization have been known to lead to standardization of National Cultures, States and Identities as well as to a growing degree of interdependence. Is there really such a thing as the French Exception? And if so, how can we define it? France has intrigued, annoyed, interested or outraged, but none are left without an opinion… Is this French Exceptionalism? Various scholars have argued that “French Exceptionalism” has expressed and still expresses itself in a number of ways that can be divided into three categories: political, societal and economic. However, although there is a consensus as to a certain form of “Exceptionalism” in the past, agreement has yet to be reached on the current state of affairs in France, and whether or not France can (still?) be called exceptional. Whether “French Exceptionalism” exists, and what constitutes it are the two questions that form the core of this collection of essays.


Publication Date
Nov 3, 2011
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By (author): Anika Neumann, By (author): Timm Lubben, By (author): Maxime Capitaine, By (author): Ines Wagner, By (author): Jeroen Lenaers, By (author): Karla Henning, By (author): Charles-Henri Thouaille



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