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The Mackintosh Treasury - Miscellaneous Writings - Volume III-C: Lessons from the Old Testament

ByCharles Henry Mackintosh

The Life and Times of Elijah The Prophet's First Message The Prophet in Retirement The House of Ahab The Prophet on Mount Carmel The Prophet on Mount Horeb The Prophet's Rapture Jehoshaphat — Worldliness Job and His Friends The Life and Times of David — the Life of Faith Part 1: David Anointed Part 2: The Valley of Elah Part 3: The Cave of Adullam Part 4: Nabal and Abigail Part 5: Ziklag Part 6: The Return of the Ark Part 7: David's House And The House Of God Part 8: The Conspiracy Part 9: The Song and Last Words Prayer, In Its Proper Place Epaphras, the Service of Prayer Prayer and the Prayer Meeting "The Man of God" Part 1: Man in Nature Part 2: A Man In Christ Part 3: The Man of God Thyself and the Doctrine - A Word for the Workman The True Workman - His Rebuffs, His Resources, His Returns John the Baptist — Only "A Voice" "Thou and Thy House" The Unequal Yoke The Christian's Mission and How to Fulfill It Living by Faith


Publication Date
Mar 2, 2012
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Charles Henry Mackintosh



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