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Fabulae Gallicae - A Carolo Peralto Scriptae

Charles Perrault's Stories in Latin

ByCharles PerraultLaurent d'Aumale

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If you want to find yourself in a magical world that is both familiar and strange, Fabulae Gallicae is the book for you. In 1697 the French author Charles Perrault published his book of fairytales, Histoires ou contes du temps passé. It was a book filled with stories very well-known today. Stories that have been re-told over generations, read for amusement, adapted for cinema and stage alike, inspired songs and more stories. Fabulae Gallicae is something amazing: it is Perrault’s wonderful, surprising, and sometimes cruel, book of fairytales translated into elegant Latin. It includes eight stories: Cinerella, Magae, Barba Caerulea, Cucullus Ruber, Pollicellus, Cattus Catus, Asini Pellis, Bella Puella in Silva Sopita. For the Latin enthusiast, it is a great treat: engaging, timeless stories in the language of the Romans. Fabulae Gallicae has been translated with diligence and care and should not be mistaken for a beginners book. Instead, it is a book where both the stories and the language is to be enjoyed. For learners of Latin it is a great book to aspire to read later on, for advanced readers it is a very welcome sight in the bookshelf. Fabulae Gallicae comes with a vocabulary list for Latin-French-English-Spanish.


Publication Date
Dec 8, 2020
Education & Language
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By (author): Charles Perrault, Translated by: Laurent d'Aumale, Illustrated by: Olga Bérard, Edited by: Daniel Pettersson


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Black & White
Digest (5.5 x 8.5 in / 140 x 216 mm)

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