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The Listening Post - Reflections of a Vietnam Veteran - An Anthology

ByCharles Robinson

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It seems as if there are, or have been, three distinct, yet overlapping time periods in my life. There was first a memorable childhood. My childhood was full of good times with my parents, my siblings, and my friends. We played together, we traveled together, and we bonded together. My life was interrupted as those ambitions were placed on hold by my service in the Army and a yearlong tour of duty in Vietnam. As I have related, the focus of my life, at least during that time period, came to be more upon survival. A night of fear of the unknown at a Listening Post beyond the perimeter of a relatively secure Marine base camp, the sights and sounds of war, the screaming of an incoming rocket, and the horrible blast, as it exploded on some nearby target, perhaps changed my perspective of life. I was able to work at many jobs and provide our material wants and needs. I realize that even though I wanted it to happen, or willed it to happen, that you might experience the same in your lives, it perhaps did not; because, perhaps, I did not take the necessary action to make it happen. In the course of my seeking employment opportunities, we were forced to move to several new locations, making it difficult for you to establish roots and the nostalgic reminders of a place, a home, that I have been able to experience each time that we have been able to visit my Mom and my Dad, your Grandma and Grandpa, in Chillicothe. This book started out as an account of my tour in Vietnam; but other than the impact that may have had upon my state of mind, little can be said. It soon became an account of my life before and after Vietnam, or my life as a child and my life afterward as a husband and a father. In recognition that an individual is a product of the past, as well as the present, I hope that you will understand what it is that I must share. This book is a rewrite of the original work and is written as an anthology of the poems that were included in the original. This book will focus only on my reflections and my experience as they relate to the year that I spent in the Artillery Unit at the Demilitarized Zone in Vietnam from November 1967 through November 1968 and my experience in the Army National Guard a few years later.


Publication Date
Nov 21, 2023
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): Charles Robinson


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