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Build Your Home Energy STAR Plus ~Have Your Pie and Eat It Too~

ByCharles Smith

This book is an Introduction to homes that are built to Energy STAR standards and what you might expect in the way of performance and comfort. You will be armed with the information you should have for the construction of your next home. If you are the Owner-Builder, the choices are clear to implement these suggestions. If you had the chance to increase your gas mileage on your next vehicle purchase by 20% - 35% by spending 2% more, would you not take that option? What about close to 50% savings? The methods and technology are here today by using natural gas or electricity, nothing exotic or expensive like solar energy, for your next home. It costs about 1 ½% - 2% more than standard homes and you do a lot for the environment, your comfort and health as an added benefit. Learn what you can accomplish by making an informed decision. All this, summarized in 47 pages of laymen’s language. See the website for more comfort and energy issues


Publication Date
Sep 17, 2007
Home & Garden
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By (author): Charles Smith



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