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An Authentic Faith

The Epistle of James (Spurgeon thru the Scriptures)

ByCharles SpurgeonLiam Walsh

The Spurgeon thru the Scriptures series is an effort to make the Prince of Preacher’s sermons a bit more approachable for the average reader. The aim is to reorganize all of Charles Spurgeon’s 3,535 sermons from his massive 63 volume Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Sermons set into canonical order. This way an average reader is able to gradually wade into the indefatigable preacher’s work, and can begin with any Scripture they choose. The language of the volumes has also been lightly updated, replacing the deeply archaic words with a more modern rendering, however leaving the majority of the original text, retaining the character and flavor of Spurgeon’s powerful unction without the distancing which aged language usually produces. Spurgeon’s preaching was so prolific, that very little of the Inspired Volume was left unpreached - resulting in an amazingly robust journey through the Scriptures. It is our hope that Spurgeon’s words through these volumes will resound yet again, working profound enrichment and renewal in Christ’s Church. Volume V of the series, An Authentic Faith: The Epistle of James, contains Charles Spurgeon's Exposition, and his twenty-six sermons covering the Epistle of James.


Publication Date
Sep 20, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Charles Spurgeon, Edited by: Liam Walsh



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