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Office Survival Notebook: Become Pro as F*ck (Sales Edition)

Funny Daily Work Planner, Tracker & Agenda

ByCharlie Burgerson

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Entertain yourself (or someone else) and get some extra joy (aside from coffee) during your routine office life with this Office Survival Notebook. 🗒️ 60 DAYS OF: Planning, organising, habit-tracking, intention setting, minutes taking & mindless doodling 🍿 DAILY FUNNY CONTENT: Each day you're given a funny little note explaining everyday office situations, office email meaning, sales jokes, and challenging some of the typical inspirational quotes. 💌 INTENTION FOR THE DAY: Set your intention for the day and the top priorities you want to focus on. This will help achieve your goals, minimize procrastination and keep you focused. 📝 DAILY TRACKING: Track your coffee & water intake 🥛, a healthy amount of breaks and good food as well as how many times you kept it together in the office. 🗓️ SCHEDULE & AGENDA: Keep on top of your to-do list by chronologically writing down all your tasks/meetings and by planning a time frame⌛ for each. Mark when you are done with ✅. 📖 IMPORTANT NOTES TO REMEMBER: If your memory keeps important info like a pasta strainer keeps water, this section will be your saviour. Write anything important you need to remember and follow up on. ✍️ MEETING MINUTES: A dedicated section for meeting minutes will keep you focused and look like a pro. 🔥BONUS: Cut out and glue on a new boring cover for your notebook to avoid any curious gazes from your colleagues, get food labels for your office fridge to protect your food, get two ‘motivational quotes’ for your open space office, check out the office-modified Barney’s hot + crazy scale. 💸 SALES CONTENT: It includes extra 12 sales jokes & content About to buy this as a gift? You are cool, my dude. If you are a boss, HR, or another corporate member, and this is a gift for your teams, you’re the master of cool (or you like them to believe so). Either way, high-five to you. This is, indeed, a perfect Secret Santa gift or a gift to your newbie office colleagues.


Publication Date
Aug 1, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Charlie Burgerson


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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