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When the stomach Growls "Why You Need To Avoid The Temptation Of Junk Food"

ByChef Yasin K Corder

In today’s society, when our time is at a premium, it is more important than ever to eat healthy, and breakfast is a huge part of this. Not only does it help with our weight, but by eating a healthy and balanced meal we are giving our body the tools it needs to develop effective cells which fight disease. Now, in this revealing new book, you can understand the reasons why replacing junk with good food is so important for your health, your body, and lifestyle as whole with chapters on: Ø What to eat Ø Nutrition and muscle gain Ø Boosting your immune system Ø Improving mental alertness Ø Eating healthy for weight gain/loss Ø Cutting down on illness Ø Maintaining a healthy weight Ø And much more… But it isn’t just our weight that suffers when we eat junk food. As well as our bodies getting out of shape, our minds also suffer and we are susceptible to all manner of diseases and conditions which are ultimately avoidable if we eat properly.


Publication Date
Mar 31, 2017
Health & Fitness
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By (author): Chef Yasin K Corder



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