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The Seven Innermost Techniques of Toyama Kanken

Background and Training Methods

ByChristian Bellina

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“Inner techniques begin with ordinary techniques. Ordinary techniques end as inner techniques. In the beginning there are no inner techniques, in the end there are inner techniques. The key to whether these actually materialize is disciplined training.” Toyama Kanken, Dai Shihan During his training time with Itosu Sensei, Toyama Sensei learned much more than kata. In his books he has described that he accompanied Itosu Sensei for years like a shadow and was also introduced by him to the inner knowledge of some techniques. In his books Toyama Sensei described the following seven "secret techniques". 1. Fukushiki Kokyu Hō / Double Breathing Method 2. Shishi no Hō / The Technique of the Lion 3. Tora no Hō / The Technique of the Tiger 4. Aku Ryoku Hō / Methods of Grip Strength 5. Tangan Hō / Methods for Training the Eyes 6. Kuma no Te / Bear Claw 7. Sankaku Tobi / Triangle Jump ​ Toyama Sensei did not like the term "secret techniques". He used the expressions "innermost techniques" or “deepest techniques”. Toyama Sensei emphasized that nothing is secret and that anyone who practices seriously can learn and experience the inner techniques of karate. The techniques include special breathing method, exercises to increase grip strength, strengthen the eye power and perception, various jump kick techniques, and the animal-inspired techniques of the lion, the tiger, and the bear. However, Toyama Sensei did not write about these techniques extensively, so very little was left for posterity. The Seven Innermost Techniques of Toyama Kanken is the first book to provide an in-depth study and analysis of these techniques. In the first part, the background, training methods, and application possibilities are comprehensively described for all seven techniques. The second part contains a translation of Toyama Kanken’s original manuscript. Following after the book Toyama Kanken - The Heritage of Shudokan, published in 2018, this book aims to make a further contribution towards honoring the life and teachings of karate pioneer, Toyama Kanken.


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May 27, 2022
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By (author): Christian Bellina


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