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Mother Gnosis

ByChristie Smirl

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Mother Gnosis is a graphic grimoire and compendium of fifty red and black artworks, poems, prose and invocations that emanated through tantric praxis, dreams, trance rituals and ishwara pranidhana to Kali Maa between late 2020 and mid 2021. Mother Gnosis unravels an array of esoteric images and intimate gnosis of the Mother, Kali Maa. “This book is a profound and moving devotional song to the Mother. Truly, a gem from the heart of a true devotee. The introduction gives clear information, a small bio of the author. The main text enchants one into a deep devotional meditation on the multiple aspects of the Mother. The paintings are superb, original and deeply evocative. With only this small book, I believe that one can profoundly enter into the mysteries of the Mother and develop an effective praxis. To be studied, not only read, a true Lectio Divina. A Tantra.” ~ Michel Dutrisac “In Mother Gnosis, Kalavati Devi has combined her extensive knowledge and background in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, together with her visionary art skills and in-spired poetry all dedicated to the Divine Mother of the Universe Herself, Kali MAA. What truly adds to this work is Kalavati Devi's own personal interaction and intimate journey with this all too often misunderstood Deity. Be ready to be awe-spired as you become absorbed in her story, words and art-filled images.” ~ Baba Krishnakali Das Aghori, Kaula Tantra and Nath Aghori Diksha and Siksha Guru, Sri Aghor Vaishnava Sampradaya Acharya June 2021


Publication Date
Sep 23, 2021
Personal Growth
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By (author): Christie Smirl


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Interior Color
Square (8.5 x 8.5 in / 216 x 216 mm)

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