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The Perils of Melancholy

The Perils of Melancholy

ByChristine Soltis

Vent your inner frustrations while reading verses of emotions that sometimes fall upon us like a shadow in the night. Excess darkness, fear and indecision can break into the spirit and try to overwhelm with its greed. Thankfully, we can capture these feelings, these moments in the moment and then discard and defeat them thereafter. Melancholy is a dangerous gloom, a good friend of depression. It is quiet, sulking and at times, undiagnosed. We must understand the perils, the dangers of living with the transitory feeling of melancholy. And we must always defeat it. When going into this collection of dark verses ranging from 2007-2009, understand them, but do not intercept. The whole reason to read of these feelings is to be informed so that you will know when it afflicts you, to let it go- to just let it pass by. Read, enjoy, grasp…then let it go. Tread lightly on the peril. Written and Edited By Christine Soltis Copyright © 2009 First Edition


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Christine Soltis



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